Ways of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinet without Sanding

23 Jun

Whenever a homeowner decides to revamp the kitchen, the design or the general state of the kitchen cabinets is most likely to be affected. Painting is undoubtedly one way that can transform your cabinet whether you want it to match the color of the rest existing kitchen furniture or you want it to stand out by having a color different from the rest of kitchen colors. Most people or even most DIY cabinet technique will advise on sanding before painting such that you feel that sanding before painting is the only option you have. Other people are so tired with the mess that comes with sanding and can't help to find other alternatives that eliminate having to always sanding when painting. Well, relax we have excellent ways to paint your cabinet without sanding.

We take you through other techniques to paint your kitchen cabinet, and no sanding is required. Just buckle up and join me in going through the list.

The first option is oil bond. Yes, this technique of painting requires no sanding at all. Oil bond is particular engineered paint additive that makes painting jobs like painting your kitchen cabinet easier and a quicker. You don't have to undertake the tedious cleaning, sanding or even priming the cabinet before painting. You have to apply the oil bond on the surface of your cabinet and then paint with latex paint over it. The oil bond will help the latex paint stick perfectly to the glossy surface giving an incredible cabinet look. It's simple, quick and even less messy technique. Check out https://rtadepot.com/product/shaker-spice-ocm-outside-corner-moulding for further details.

Another way is to prime and paint. You do this by washing down your cabinet with a TSP substitute; these will wash away any grime, grease or finger oils. After that, you scrub down the cabinets with liquid sander or Deglosser of your choice. After that prime evenly all the lower cabinets with two thin coats of primer and then paint your desired color. Repeat these for upper cabinets. For beautiful results, you may opt to remove the cabinet door first and to paint them separately. To paint the frame also follow the procedure too. Remember that the primer used should be a bonding primer not any other kind of prime.

If you are looking how to paint cabinets without sanding, then try out the above techniques. You should also do regular maintenance to make the cabinets look appealing at all times. 

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